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Our mission is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through the ULE Vision process, and create a ripple effect that transforms the world.
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Jonathan holds a BS in Mathematics and a MS in Statistics. When finishing his undergraduate degree in mathematics he discovered a mathematical theorem that proves the universal law discussed in the upcoming book “The Unlocked Soul”. The Universal Law of Efficiency is the underlying principle of human health and longevity, human evolution, and universal peace.

Jonathan became aware of how tension affects the body at the young age of 20. Over the course of the next year, through various methods including stretching and meditation, he got to a point of almost no tension in his body. Jonathan’s life purpose has been a journey of reducing tension in his own body and helping other people reduce the tension in their bodies and other systems.
Jonathan has studied yoga, ballet, and other physical and meditative practices since 1978. Jonathan has a private healing practice and teaches classes on the healing benefits of the Universal Law of Efficiency.

Jonathan and his wife, Erin, continue to work on getting this information out to the world because it has tremendous implications for humanity.

Erin Whitney holds a BS in Business Management and an MA in Clinical Psychology. After 10 years in the business field in New York and Chicago, she has worked since 1998 as a Licensed Professional Counselor in clinical, non-profit, hospital, home, and school settings. In addition to counseling, Ms. Whitney currently works as a Life Coach, True Purpose® Coach, Transitions Coach, Career Coach and Spiritual Coach. Ms. Whitney has been a presenter and Advanced Trainer for educators, parents and clinicians in The Nurtured Heart Approach® since 2003, and has worked with Jonathan Berman for over 9 years to help articulate the Universal Law of Efficiency. Jon and Erin have enjoyed a happy and fulfilling marriage since 2010.