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1. What is unique about Universal Law of Efficiency (ULE) Health Program and why should I try it?

The ULE is a mathematically proven Universal Law, which combines the physics and consciousness parts of healing to eliminate unnecessary tension in the body and restore people to vibrant health. It is more than a healing practice. The ULE demonstrates that the tension we hold in our body limits us from feeling complete ease both psychologically and physically. When you are experiencing either acute or chronic pain/illness, your body is signaling that there are physical and emotional blockages, which must be released before deep healing can take place. 

There are times when treating a disease or acute injury initially requires the intervention of Western medicine. However, by incorporating the ULE Health Program into your healing journey, recovery periods from illness or injury can be quickened and the need for extensive pain medication reduced. The ULE Health Program is a cost effective and efficient approach to mind-body integrated health.

Perhaps most importantly, practicing the techniques taught in the ULE Health Program can significantly reduce chronic and acute pain. The ULE Health Program aims to promote joy in all areas of your life by reducing your stress levels, giving you more energy throughout the day to engage with work and home life with increased presence and ease.

2.  Is the ULE Health Program affiliated with any religious or spiritual belief system?

No. This technique does not involve any religious or spiritual belief system. This is a health coaching system based on fundamental laws of physics. Health is the intersection of physics and consciousness. All biological processes must follow the laws of physics. Medicine is really a subspecialty of physics. Just as acupuncture and physical therapy do not involve religion or belief systems, neither does the ULE.

 3.  What does Western medicine say about the ULE Health Program?

Every doctor that Jon has talked to about this method agrees with the principle. The health principle in the ULE Health Program is based on thoroughly understood and proven principles of mathematics and the laws of physics, such as the Law of Thermodynamics. Since the ULE principle is based on mathematics, no one can refute the ULE health principle. 

4.  How long does it take to see noticeable improvement?

The time it takes to see noticeable improvements varies for each person. Allot depends on the particular condition and how much time and effort you are willing to put into the Program. Most people see improvements within a week or two. For chronic cases, it could take months of daily practice. We are working on setting up private health coaching sessions that will significantly speed up the process.

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5.  How long will results last?

The ULE Health Program balances your energy flow, cleanses the mind and body, and helps restore your vital life force. Because of this, you can expect long term effects. However, it is important to remember that the buildup of daily and acute stress over time will, once again, lead to tension in the physical body. This tension can potentially interrupt your energy state once more even after reducing or eliminating tension through the practices of the ULE Health Program. 

6.  Can the ULE Health Program be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities?

Yes, the techniques taught in the ULE Health Program can be used with other modalities. Depending on the condition, some of the practices may need to be modified to accommodate physical limitations. Always consult your doctor.

7.  Will my medical insurance cover the ULE Health Program?

Not at this point. The ULE Health Program is a unique approach to total health that integrates the science of physics and energy healing. Currently, most insurance companies do not cover such alternative healing methods.
We encourage you to consider your health as your number one priority, which often means starting your healing journey as early as possible. It is best to seek help before your condition worsens. 

8.  Are there scientific studies that support this technique?

While there currently no studies specific to the ULE Health Program at this point, there is a growing field of research around energy healing techniques as long term treatment for illness and chronic pain. Numerous studies have been conducted supporting the effectiveness of energy healing methods such as using Qigong to treat specific conditions. In fact, there are hospitals in China that have been using these methods for years as an integrative and effective treatment plan.

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