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Private Coaching
For those who would like help in their healing journey, Private Coaching is available on a limited basis. Due to time constraints, Private Coaching in only available for those that have purchased and watched the ULE Health Program. The ULE Health Program teaches principles of healing that anyone can use. Click here
to learn more about the ULE Health Program. 
Universal Law Efficiency (ULE)
You know that there is a more efficient route to well being than trendy blogs and magazine covers would lead you to believe. The health and peace of mind you seek can be found in the Universal Law Of Efficiency (ULE).
If we assume that the goal of humanity is to interact harmoniously, the Universal Law of Efficiency is the underlying principle of universal peace. It provides an easily understood, non-dogmatic paradigm for human interaction. 
The Unlocked Soul
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Just as it is easier to ride a bicycle up a hill without the brakes on, removing unnecessary tension from the body enhances performance in all disciplines of life. Becoming healthier, having a more open heart, becoming smarter, and becoming a fantastic lover are some of the things one can achieve when we evolve to a higher level of functioning. 

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Health & Longevity
​Health is the intersection of physics and consciousness. While one wouldn’t go to a physicist for surgery, if both physics and consciousness aren’t integrated into the treatment for disease, healing will not be able to take place. Click here to learn more about the ULE Health Program.
ULE Health Program 
The ULE Health Program is a three-and-a-half-hour video program that teaches you how to heal or prevent almost anything. Click here to learn more about the ULE Health Program.