"I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jonathan Berman and I am fascinated with his work with the Universal Law of Efficiency. Jonathan’s irrefutable mathematical logic prove timeless principles that have been taught by martial artist for thousands of years. His ideas have Universal application and he has brought Philosophy into the realm of Science. I am excited to read his upcoming book on the ULE and health."

- Master Phil Nquyen

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“Jonathan Berman has discovered a scientific explanation of long held secrets of health and longevity that nonconventional healing arts practitioners have only been able to philosophize about and the medical community is just now beginning to explore. He has moved philosophy into the realm of science. Jon demonstrated his personal implementation of the UNIVERSAL LAW OF EFFICIENCY while being treated in my clinic for musculoskeletal injuries suffered in an auto collision. His healing response time was a fraction of the time expected and at a tremendous cost savings to the healthcare delivery system.”

- B. Brett Davis, D.C.

Past President, New Mexico Chiropractic Association

"Jonathan Berman’s techniques and practices have transformed my life. When I first started working with Jonathan, I had Lyme’s disease for two years. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t get out of bed. After six sessions over the phone, I was 70% pain free and I could walk again. As someone who works in the healing profession, I think that Jonathan has discovered the underlying principle of health."

- Andree

“I had been to the ER and a sonogram had shown 11 growths on my thyroid. They put me on thyroid medication. Then I contacted Jon. I didn’t tell him exactly what the problem was. We did an initial session. A few days later, I had to return to the ER. They took a new sonogram of my throat and could only find one growth. The problems I was having were due to too much medication since all but one growth had disappeared. They even asked me to verify my identity because they couldn’t believe what the sonogram was showing them!” 

- Bren

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